How Do I Use This Service, Browser Requirements and An Important Note About Receiving Transcripts Of Your Chat Sessions

Getting an E-mail Transcript of Your Ask Here PA Chat Session

To ensure that you receive a copy of your Ask Here PA chat session, please be sure that you are able to receive e-mail from both:


This may require you to manually whitelist/allow both e-mails and/or instruct your local I.T. staff to add both e-mails as allowable e-mails.

Also note that while providing an e-mail is never required:  

  1. If you enter an e-mail address when you logon to use Ask Here PA you will automatically get a copy of your chat session after the session is completed.

  2. If you do not enter an e-mail when you logon you will be provided an opportunity at the end of the session to enter your e-mail and receive a copy of your transcript.  This option allows you to remain anonymous.

  3. Note also that the librarian chatting with you might ask you for your e-mail during the session if they feel that they will need to provide you with more information later.  If you elect to provide your e-mail the librarian will be able to send you more information later, after the chat session is completed.

 Important Customer Software Requirements

Notice to Repeat Users:

If you don’t regularly clear your browser cache, you may be loading and using our old question submission form which will cause errors in your session. To be on the safe side, please clear your browser cache before you submit your next question to Ask Here PA.  Here’s how:

In IE: Tools > Internet Options > General tab > Delete Files button > Delete all offline content > OK > OK 

In Firefox: Tools > Options > Privacy > Cache tab > Clear Cache Now button > OK

Tips for AOL users: 

  • Clear your browser cache before you submit your question.
  • If the SEND button seems to disappear, try using TAB, then ENTER to simulate SEND.
  • To avoid incompatibility issues use Internet Explorer or Netscape instead of the AOL browser.

Macintosh and Windows operating systems are supported.

Please note that computer network firewalls and content and chat filtering can interfere with your session.

Important Troubleshooting Tips

Web browsing:

During your session, please follow only links within the left frame.  Opening a new web site in your Ask Here PA browser will close your right frame connection with the librarian.

Problem Troubleshooting:

If a web page doesn't open in your left frame, refresh or reload the browser window or copy and paste the URL from the right chat log into a new browser window to open it.

If you experience other problems such as latency (slow loading) or no response from the librarian, clear the web browser cache of temporary Internet files:

In IE: Tools > Internet Options > General tab > Delete Files button > Delete all offline content > OK > OK  

In Firefox: Tools > Options > Cache tab > Clear Cache Now button > OK

Then close and reopen your browser window, and return to  If were using Internet Explorer when you experienced problems, you might want to try again using Firefox or Netscape web browsers